Sunday, 1 December 2013


Being a vegan that is, leaving off eating any animal flesh of the terrestrial, aquatic and animals that live on land helps a well developed spiritual conscious person to aspire higher in the spiritual realm. There many things one can acquire when his/her constitution is pure and divine. By abstaining from the above mentioned flesh eating, a person can develop to the realm where inventions, discoveries and technology can be acquired in a platter of gold. I have just started a blog on spiritual consciousness, if you can follow me on that blog, at the end, you'll be happy to learn a lot of things. You can follow me on, where many topics on spiritual consciousness will gradually be brought to the surface. There is also a security for you when you abstain from the habit of meat eating in the spiritual realm because a lot will be revealed by divine beings you never expected and many of them will fight to protect you.

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