Monday, 16 December 2013


Have you ever been to the slaughter houses where animals are slaughtered and sale? Try and visit there because after a few visit and your observation, you'll definitely stop eating meat. A co-worker once told me what he experienced when he went to the slaughter house to buy meat. He said as a cow was being killed, he saw it crying and tears were running down its cheek as it cried out for its life to be spared. He said he was shocked that day when he saw and felt and heard the strong feeling of plea and emotion in the voice of the animal but there was nothing he could do to stop the men from doing their job but on that day, he knew within him that those animals are like human beings though with a difference and they have a right to live like us and from that day, he stopped eating meat and animals. In African, there is a wand that can be used to catch criminals who are involved in killing human beings or stealing. It was employed by a state in the country and many criminals fled the state for fear of being caught. A man was caught and was almost destroyed before it was discovered that he was a butcher and sold meat in the market. Friends when you cut the life of animals short, you have karma to pay for it.

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