Sunday, 8 December 2013


In today's world, people rely so much on the use of meat or fish or better placed, the use of terrestrial, aquatic and land animals for food. These creatures are generally found in one meal or the other. Man has so much designed himself to the level of having much of their diets and meals built around them. It is necessary now to start cutting down on them or in fact completely and boldly cut them out of your meals because of the hazardous effects they cause the human body and life. There are other things that can be used in place of meat. Soya beans which is highly rich in protein is the best to replace meat or other forms of animal used for food. Flour from wheat and some other cereal forms can also be used but it has been this has been discovered to contain gluten which is dangerous to human health so it is better avoided except you find one that is gluten free. You can use Soya beans to prepare what is called Chunk. Chunk is the product of Soya beans after it has undergone certain preparations and no matter your tribe, race or nationality, you can get it prepared and use it in preparing the type of meal that is common among your tribe, ethnicity or nationality. In the next post, I shall be writing how to prepare Chunk with Soya beans so that you can use it in preparing your meals in place of meat or fish.

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