Sunday, 8 December 2013


Having know n the functions of Soya beans, I want to go further into how it can be used to prepare chunk that can be used to prepare meals for protein to be derived from the meal for the body. Below is a recipe for preparing Soya chunk. INGREDIENTS: 1. Soya bean seeds half of a four litre bucket measure or(Quantity as desired) 2. Natural Lime juice or Alum disolved in water 3. Water METHOD OF PREPARATION: 1. Soak Soya beans in water in a bowl or bucket for 6 to 8 hours. 2. Drain off the water and wash clean to remove debris. 3. Grind the soaked beans smooth and to a paste. 4. Mix the paste to a consistency with six litres of water. 5. Use a sifter that allows only liquid to pass through it to sifter the ground Soya beans paste into a big pot. 6. Put on the fire and bring to boil. 7. Pour in the lime juice or Alum slowly and watch it carefully so that it will not be excessive. 8. Allow to boil a bit to coagulate very well. 9. Pour the coagulated soya beans into a small sack that water can pass through. 10 Use a heavy object or compressor to place on it and leave it there for some time, so that the water in it will drain off. 11. It will form a solid ball. 12. Bring it out of the sack, cut it into bits and bring to boil in a pot with a little water, onions and maggi with enough salt. It is now ready for your use in preparing any kind of soup you want to cook. Any comment?

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