Saturday, 30 November 2013


There are many advantages or benefits derived from the practice of vegetarian way of life. Although some people go into the practice due to doctor's recommendations, it has greater advantages over eating it. Some of the benefits are as follows: 1. If you avoid eating meat, fish or the likes of it, you have a good health and a tendency to live longer according to scientists. 2. It will keep you off diseases like Cardiovascular diseases, cancer,diabetes because the high concentration of saturated fat and cholesterol is fatal to human health and life. 3. It can lead to heart related diseases and stroke. 4. Fish eating is dangerous to pregnant women, it has been proven to contain Mercury which is destructive to the foetus of a woman under pregnancy. 5.Those who eat animal flesh have a strong body odour. 6. Spiritually meat, fish or egg eating deprives people who engage in eating them from being able to have a high spiritual divine favour or performance.


There are different types of vegetarian lifestyle. Below are the few types, so, in case you are a vegetarian and you do not know the type you are practicing, this will enable you identify where you belong. 1. LACTO VEGETARIAN: A lacto vegetarian is one who does not eat anything of the animal flesh, fish, or egg but eats fruits and vegetables and dairy products from animals that are milked but not killed, for example, milk and cheese. 2. LACTO OVO VEGETARIAN: This group of vegetarians do not eat animal flesh or fish but eat eggs and dairy products. 3.OVO VEGETARIAN: this type of vegetarians do not eat anything derived from dairy products but eat eggs in their meals. 4. VEGAN: Vegans are a group of vegetarians that do not eat animal flesh neither do they wear anything made from animal products like footwear or clothing. They are strict and avoid dairy products, that is anything like cheese, milk, yoghurt and even eggs. 5. VEGETARIAN: A vegetarian does not eat animal flesh, fish or eggs but eats dairy products like milk, yoghurt provided the products where not derived by killing the animals the products were taken from. 6. FRUITARIAN: this set of vegetarians eat mostly fruits. 7. SEMI VEGETARIAN: A semi vegetarian eats vegetarian foods but eat flesh from poultry or fish but sometimes they eat meat. They are not as strict as the other types of vegetarians.


A vegetarian lifestyle involves a person abstaining from eating meat, fish, animals or using animal products due to health, religious or animal right reasons. A proper vegetarian does not eat or wear anything gotten from animals. He/she depends on vegetable products for survival. Clothes, shoes, hats, beverages etc. made from animals are completely not acceptable to him/her. Many of those practicing vegetarian life today are involved in protecting the extinction of animals while others get into it because of spiritual development of the soul. It is generally know that in most countries where vegetarianism is practiced, the people live a longer and more lasting lives. Comments are welcomed.


Life being a vegetarian is one of the best in the world because when you don't kill animals each time you want to take a meal or you feel the joy of not being a party to the death of animals or human beings. It's just like being a cannibal when you kill animals for your food which I personally feel is not good. I have a clear conscience and a sense of freedom when I abstain from this practice because animals have a right to live just as humans have the right to live too. Take an instance when a pet is kept at home for a period of time and after living with the pet you get it killed and cooked for lunch or supper or whatever. You'll definitely feel a vacuum within you when you go back to where the animal used to be kept and find it is no longer there. 1. You'll feel you've done wrong by killing it. 2. You'll feel the vacuum. 3. You'll feel you've deprived it of its life which in the first place shouldn't take place. You've cut its life span short. So, it will be nice if you can come on board and join me in this journey of life of letting both animals and man live because they have a right to live as you also have a right to live. Live and let others live as always been a strong motto that I strongly believe in. Have a beautiful time friends!