Thursday, 26 December 2013


I heard that being a vegetarian in African is a tedious task due to having only natural foods and not industrially prepared ones in Cans. But, don't you think that is better because everything is less chemical and richer in terms of nutrients? We shall be talking more on this and a range of natural foods from the tropical regions of Africa. Please does anyone have something to say about this?

Monday, 23 December 2013


Happy Christmas and merry new year in advance. It's time to relax and let go of things that have been plaguing you for long. Don't hang onto the past, let go and find love, joy and happiness with what the future has in store for you but mind you, watch out for certain things you shouldn't eat. Let the joy within never lead you to eat out of your vegetarian lifestyle because you are on the right track and if you don't know what to cook for your vegetarian Christmas, check out the Amazon widget in this blog and search for recipes that you can easily prepare. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Monday, 16 December 2013


Have you ever been to the slaughter houses where animals are slaughtered and sale? Try and visit there because after a few visit and your observation, you'll definitely stop eating meat. A co-worker once told me what he experienced when he went to the slaughter house to buy meat. He said as a cow was being killed, he saw it crying and tears were running down its cheek as it cried out for its life to be spared. He said he was shocked that day when he saw and felt and heard the strong feeling of plea and emotion in the voice of the animal but there was nothing he could do to stop the men from doing their job but on that day, he knew within him that those animals are like human beings though with a difference and they have a right to live like us and from that day, he stopped eating meat and animals. In African, there is a wand that can be used to catch criminals who are involved in killing human beings or stealing. It was employed by a state in the country and many criminals fled the state for fear of being caught. A man was caught and was almost destroyed before it was discovered that he was a butcher and sold meat in the market. Friends when you cut the life of animals short, you have karma to pay for it.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Having know n the functions of Soya beans, I want to go further into how it can be used to prepare chunk that can be used to prepare meals for protein to be derived from the meal for the body. Below is a recipe for preparing Soya chunk. INGREDIENTS: 1. Soya bean seeds half of a four litre bucket measure or(Quantity as desired) 2. Natural Lime juice or Alum disolved in water 3. Water METHOD OF PREPARATION: 1. Soak Soya beans in water in a bowl or bucket for 6 to 8 hours. 2. Drain off the water and wash clean to remove debris. 3. Grind the soaked beans smooth and to a paste. 4. Mix the paste to a consistency with six litres of water. 5. Use a sifter that allows only liquid to pass through it to sifter the ground Soya beans paste into a big pot. 6. Put on the fire and bring to boil. 7. Pour in the lime juice or Alum slowly and watch it carefully so that it will not be excessive. 8. Allow to boil a bit to coagulate very well. 9. Pour the coagulated soya beans into a small sack that water can pass through. 10 Use a heavy object or compressor to place on it and leave it there for some time, so that the water in it will drain off. 11. It will form a solid ball. 12. Bring it out of the sack, cut it into bits and bring to boil in a pot with a little water, onions and maggi with enough salt. It is now ready for your use in preparing any kind of soup you want to cook. Any comment?


Soya/Soy beans is a leguminous plant that with very high level of proteins and oil. It helps to build and rebuild the lipid and sterol of the body cells thereby making the body more healthy. It can be used by adults, youths, children and babies because of its very great importance to the body. It's functions are many but few as listed below can be a great insight into the valuable nature of the Soya beans. 1. It increases body immunity. 2. It decreases cholesterol in the body caused by meat eating. 3. It provides vegetable protein for billions of adults, youths children and babies in the world. 4. It is used for medicinal purposes by major and minor companies like the famous GNLD company with its famous product called 'Treenen'.


Soya or Soy beans is a leguminous plant highly rich in protein. It is a cheap source of protein which can be used to prepare a variety of food. It can be used to prepare Soya milk, Tofu(Chunk), Soya oil, Soya milk, Cheese and many other products. It can also be mixed with Cereals like Pap for a very good breakfast that is highly nutritious.


In today's world, people rely so much on the use of meat or fish or better placed, the use of terrestrial, aquatic and land animals for food. These creatures are generally found in one meal or the other. Man has so much designed himself to the level of having much of their diets and meals built around them. It is necessary now to start cutting down on them or in fact completely and boldly cut them out of your meals because of the hazardous effects they cause the human body and life. There are other things that can be used in place of meat. Soya beans which is highly rich in protein is the best to replace meat or other forms of animal used for food. Flour from wheat and some other cereal forms can also be used but it has been this has been discovered to contain gluten which is dangerous to human health so it is better avoided except you find one that is gluten free. You can use Soya beans to prepare what is called Chunk. Chunk is the product of Soya beans after it has undergone certain preparations and no matter your tribe, race or nationality, you can get it prepared and use it in preparing the type of meal that is common among your tribe, ethnicity or nationality. In the next post, I shall be writing how to prepare Chunk with Soya beans so that you can use it in preparing your meals in place of meat or fish.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Being a vegan that is, leaving off eating any animal flesh of the terrestrial, aquatic and animals that live on land helps a well developed spiritual conscious person to aspire higher in the spiritual realm. There many things one can acquire when his/her constitution is pure and divine. By abstaining from the above mentioned flesh eating, a person can develop to the realm where inventions, discoveries and technology can be acquired in a platter of gold. I have just started a blog on spiritual consciousness, if you can follow me on that blog, at the end, you'll be happy to learn a lot of things. You can follow me on, where many topics on spiritual consciousness will gradually be brought to the surface. There is also a security for you when you abstain from the habit of meat eating in the spiritual realm because a lot will be revealed by divine beings you never expected and many of them will fight to protect you.