Saturday, 30 November 2013


Life being a vegetarian is one of the best in the world because when you don't kill animals each time you want to take a meal or you feel the joy of not being a party to the death of animals or human beings. It's just like being a cannibal when you kill animals for your food which I personally feel is not good. I have a clear conscience and a sense of freedom when I abstain from this practice because animals have a right to live just as humans have the right to live too. Take an instance when a pet is kept at home for a period of time and after living with the pet you get it killed and cooked for lunch or supper or whatever. You'll definitely feel a vacuum within you when you go back to where the animal used to be kept and find it is no longer there. 1. You'll feel you've done wrong by killing it. 2. You'll feel the vacuum. 3. You'll feel you've deprived it of its life which in the first place shouldn't take place. You've cut its life span short. So, it will be nice if you can come on board and join me in this journey of life of letting both animals and man live because they have a right to live as you also have a right to live. Live and let others live as always been a strong motto that I strongly believe in. Have a beautiful time friends!

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